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.. Emslanders to the American Mid-West
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Roterman, Ruecken (see Ricken), Ruether/Ruetter, Ruhen, Rumpke, Ruvers, Ruy


ROTERMAN, Gerd Herman
BORN: Mar 16, 1818, Bawinkel
DIED: Jul 19, 1854, Quincy, Adams County, IL
Margaretha Aleid BRUNEMANN
MARRIED: possibly Maria KIMMONS
  Harmon ROTTERMAN married Maria KIMMONS Apr 25, 1843 in Adams County (from IL statewide marriage index)
NOTES: probably
1850 IL census, Adams County, Quincy
ROTTERDAM, Harman 32, tailor, Germany
Mary Ann 14 [a mistake?], Germany
Agnes 6, Louisa 3, Francis 6/12, all born IL
for 2 daughters
  1860 IL census, Adams County, Quincy
ROTTERMAN, Agnes 16, IL, domestic for BUSHNELL family
elsewhere in city
ROTTERMAN, Louisa 13, IL, domestic for HIRSH family

Gerhrd Herman's date and place of birth, parents' names, year of emigration and date and place of death were noted in Walter Tenfelde's book Auswanderungen und Auswanderer aus dem ehemaligen Kreise Lingen nach Nordamerika.

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RUETTER, Anna Maria
BORN: Nov 7, 1819 Klein Dohren (parish in Herzlake)
DIED: Jan 14, 1892, Meppen, Calhoun County, IL
Regina Lucmilla FELDHAUS
  emigration index, Osnabrueck - Anna Maria RUETER 23 emigrated from Klein Dohren, Herzlake in 1845
MARRIED: Herman Bernhard HEGGER (HAGER) his entry
CHILDREN: Henry HAGER born ca 1848 IL
Bennet HAGER born ca 1849/50, IL
William HAGER born 1851, IL
John HAGER born 1853, IL
Mary HAGER born 1855, IL
Catharine HAGER born 1857, IL
Rudolf HAGER born 1858, IL
Herman HAGER born 1859, IL
Adam HAGER born 1860, IL
Margaret HAGER born 1862, IL
NOTES: 1850 IL census, Calhoun County, Point Precinct
HAGER, Burnot 36 from Germany
Mary 30 from Germany,
Henry 2 IL, Burnot 6/12 IL
  1860 IL census, Calhoun County, Richwoods Pct
HAWGAND, Barnhart 45, lumberer, Hannoer
Mary 40, Hannover
Henry 12, MO
Barnhart 10, Wm 9, John 7, Mary 5, Cath 3, Rudolph 2, Herman 1, all born IL
BRICKMAN (Brinkman), Argur (August) 20, Hannover
HAGER, Mary 50, Hannover
  1870 IL census, Calhoun County, Richwoods
HAGER, Bernhardt 55, Hannover, farmer
Mary 50, Hannover
Henry 22, MO
Bernhardt 20, Wm 19, John 17, Mary 15, Cath 13, Rudolphe 12, Adam 10, marg 8 all born in IL
  1880 IL census, Calhoun County, Richwood pct
Barnard HAGER, 66, farmer from Hannover
Mary 50 from Hannover, Rudolf 22 IL, Hyram 21 IL, John 27 IL, Wm 29 IL
RESEARCHERS: Dolores Rizzo (Imminggenealogy@aol.com) who supplied much of the information about this emigrant

Anna Maria's parents' names and age (73) were on her death record at St Joseph parish. Her parents were known to have been residents of Herzlake parish in the 1830s so that parish's records wre checked and a corresponding birth/bapt entry found there for Anna Maria.

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RUETHER, Anna Maria Margaretha
BORN: Oct 20, 1848, Neuland (parish in Herzlake)
DIED: Feb 22, 1915, Salisbury, Chariton County, MO
PARENTS: Rudolph Heinrich RUETHER
MARRIED: Johan Bernard Heinrich LOHE his entry
CHILDREN: Heinrich LOHE born 1877, Klein Dohren, Herzlake
Herman Bernard LOHE born 1880, Klein Dohren, Herzlake
Margaret born ca 1883, MO
Joseph born ca 1886, MO
NOTES: 1900 MO census, Chariton County, Salisbury twp
LOHE, Barney, Feb 1848, Germany, marr 24 yrs, emgr 1883
Annie, Oct 1848, Germany, 4 of 4 children living, emgr 1883
Barney Jul 1881, Germany, emgr 1883
Maggie 17, Joe 14, both born MO

Anna's date of birth and parents' names were noted on her MO death certificate. Because her husband and children had been born in Herzlake parish, that parish's records were checked in the online database and a corresponding birth/bapt entry was found there for Anna Maria Margaretha.

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RUETTER, Maria Anna
BORN: Oct 24, 1839 Herzlake
DIED: Feb 19, 1877 in St. Libory, St Clair County, IL
PARENTS: Bernard Heinrich RUETTER
Anna Margaretha WOBBEN
MARRIED: (1) Bernard KAHLE
(2) Heinrich WESSELS his entry
marriage: Jan 8, 1867 St. Lib
CHILDREN: Bernard Joseph KAHLE born 1862
Heinrich KAHLE born 1864
Anna Thecla WESSELS born 1868
Liborius Heinrich WESSELS born 1870
Louis WESSELS born 1873
NOTES: 1880 IL census, St Clair County
WESSELS, Henry 48, Hannover, farm renter
Adelaide 38, Hannover
WIEBLER (step-children)Catharine 18, Gerhard 16, Louis 14, born Clinton County, IL
WESSELS, Tekla 12, Louis 7, Liborius 9, Margaretha 2, Herm Heinrich 6 mo, all born St Clair County
WIEBLER (step-children) Anna 9, John 7

All information was taken from Dr Heinz Marxkors' book Emigrants from the area of the former County of Meppen. . . Hannover, emigrated to St. Libory, St. Clair County, IL.

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RUHEN (later BLOMS*), Lucas
BORN: Jan 28, 1831, Ahmsen (parish in Holte)
*Lucas RUHEN took the name BLOOMS because his wife was the only surviving child of Caspar BLOMS and she inherited the farm.
in Brussels, Calhoun County, IL, buried Apr 19, 1880, St Mary's Cemetery
(Lucam BLUMS, filium Hermani et Fenecka BLUMS, 49)
Phenenna THOLEN
EMIGRATION: 1856 - arrived New Orleans Nov 17, 1856 on the ship Ocean
Lucas RUHEN 26 from Hannover to St. Louis
Holte parish emigration list - Lucas Ruhen, no age, from Ahnsen emigrated in 1856
MARRIED: Maria Adelheid BLOMS her entry
marriage: May 22, 1861, Calhoun County
CHILDREN: John BLOMS born 1861-62, IL; died 1891 m. D. BUSHERMUCHLE
Catharine BLOMS born 1864, IL; died 1928 m. J. ODELEHR
? John Herman BLOMS born 1867, IL; died same year
? Maria BLOMS born 1868?; died 1868, IL
Theodore R BLOMS born 1871, IL; died same year
Henry BLOMS born 1872, IL; died 1829 m. Anna
Herman J BLOMS born 1876, IL; died same year
Helen M BLOMS born 1877, IL, died same year
Mary BLOMS born 1878-79, IL; died 1888
NOTES: 1870 IL census, Calhoun County, Point Pct, dwelling 138/128
BLOOM, Caspar 64, farmer from hannover
Catharine 62, Hannover, keeping house,
Lucas 38, Hannover [born RUHIN, took name BLOOM after marriage]
KANASAS [KNESE], Herm, 26, Hannover
BLOOM, Mary 26, keeping house, [wife of Lucas] Hannoer
Margaret 17, born Hannover [daughter of Johan Heinrich Bloms]
John 8, Cath 6 born IL
RESEARCHERS: Dolores Rizzo (ImmingGenealogy@aol.com) who supplied much of the information for this emigrant
SOURCES: This identification appears to be correct but the cannot be 100% certain because Lucas' parents' names are not known from any US document and we do not have an exact date for his birth. A probable place of birth was known from an entry for him on the Holte parish emigration list and an approximate year of birth from his age on the passenger list of the ship Ocean. Holte parish records were checked and a corresponding baptismal entry was found for him there. His parents' names as given above were taken from that document.

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RUHEN (RUHN), Margaretha
BORN: Jul 30, 1838, Laehden (parish in Holte)
DIED: Feb 11, 1903, Meppen, Calhoun County, IL
Anna Maria LUECKEN
MARRIED: Johan Herman Heinrich POHLMAN his entry
marriage: Feb 25, 1862, Calhoun County
CHILDREN: John POHLMAN born ca 1865-66, IL
Mary POHLMAN born ca 1868, IL
Lucy POHLMAN born in IL
NOTES: 1870 IL census, Calhoun County, Hardin pct house 10
POLEMAN, Herman 34, farmer from Hannover
Anna M 32, Hannover
John 5, Mary 2 both born in IL
THERESA, John 24 farmer from Hannover
1880 IL census, Calhoun County, Richwoods precinct, #125
Herman POHLMAN 45, farmer from Hannover
Margaret 42, from Hannover, Johan 14, IL, Lucy, IL
Andrew KNESE 25, brother-in-law, laborer from Hannover was listed with them
(Andreas KNESE appears to have been a younger 1/2 brother of Margaretha, both having the same mother)
RESEARCHERS: Dolores Rizzo (ImmingGenealogy@aol.com) who supplied much of the information for this emigrant
SOURCES: Margaret's parents' names and her birth date were known from documention in Calhoun County. Holte parish records were checked because of the occurance of her surname in that parish and a corresponding baptismal record was found there for Anna Margaretha.

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RUMPKE, Caroline
BORN: Oct 10, 1827, Hestrup (parish in Lengerich)
DIED: Mar 3, 1910, Wabasha County, WI, buried St Felix Cemetery
Helena Aleid ALBERS
EMIGRATION: 1886 - arrived Baltimore Jul 1886 on the ship Weser
GOSSE, Benedict 64, Germany to US
Caroline 58, Clemens 15, August 15
MARRIED: Benedict GOESSE his entry
marriage: May 1, 1849, Lengerich
CHILDREN: Johan Joseph GOESSE born 1850, Handrup, Lengerich
Heinrich GOESSE born 1858, Wettrup, Lengerich
Benedict GOESSE born 1860 Handrup, Lengerich
Bernard Carl GOESSE born 1867, Handrup, Lengerich
Paul Clemens GOESSE born 1870, Handrup, Lengerich
Clemens August GOESSE born 1872, handrup, Lengerich
NOTES: 1900 MN census, Wabasha County, Greenfield twp
GOSSE, Henry, apr 1860, Germany, marr 12 yrs, emgr 1880
Theresia, Nov 1866, Germany, 5 of 6 children living, emgr 1878
Henry B 11, Anton 9, Augusta 7, Leo 3, Christina 1
Benedict, father, Sep 1822, Germany, marr 52, emgr 1887
Caroline, Mother, Dec 1825, Germany, 9 of 11 children living, emgr 1887
RESEARCHERS: Dave Halm and Kathy Pike who have this emigrant in their WorldConnect databases

Caroline (Goesse geb Rumpke) was recognized as Benedict Goesse's wife in Walter Tenfelde's book Auswanderungen und Auswanderer aus dem ehemaligen Kreise Lingen nach Nordamerika which provided her birth information, parents' names and information about her marriage and her children born in Germany who also emigrated. Information about her death was taken from the WCdbs.

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RUVERS, Anna Margaretha
BORN: Dec 31, 1813, Bexten (parish in Emsbueren)
PARENTS: Johan Bernhard RUVERS
Susanna Maria FEHREN
MARRIED: Bernard Herman EGBERS his entry
marriage: ca 1840, Emsbueren
CHILDREN: Anna Adelheid EGBERS, born 1841, Bexten
Anna Maria EGBERS, born 1843, Bexten
Bernard Herman EGBERS, born 1845, Bexten
Anna Margaretha EGBERS, born 1848, Bexten
Elisabeth EGBERS, born 1853, Bexten
NOTES: 1870 OH census, Hamilton County, Cincinnati
EGBERS, Bernard 55, Hannover, laborer
Margaret 60, Hannover
Herman 24, Elizabeth 17, both born Hannover

Bermard Egber's approximate year of birth, his wife's first name and the names of two of his children were known from the 1870 census. That information allowed entries for them to be identified in the online Emsbueren Familien-Datenbank and gave Anna Margaretha's full name, her birth information, her parents' names, their children's birth information and their year of emigration to the US.

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RUY, Johan Albert
BORN: Feb 9, 1821, Altenlingen (parish in Lingen)
DIED: 1851, St. Louis, MO, age 31
PARENTS: Johan Albert RUY
Margaretha JANSING
EMIGRATION: 1842 - arrived New Orleans Jan 24, 1843 on the ship Elaro:
Johann Albert RUHE 22 from Lingen
MARRIED: Euphemia Adelheid KRIEGER
marriage: Aug 8, 1846, Clinton County, IL
CHILDREN: Anna Margaretha RUY born 1848, St. Louis, MO; died 1849
Anna Maria REU born 1850, St. Louis, MO
SOURCES: Johan Albert's parents' names were on his marriage record at St Boniface. His year of birth was known from his age on his death record at St. Joseph parish. It was also known that he emigrated before 1846 when he married, information found in the Clinton County marriage index (for RAY and GREEGER.) With that information an entry was found for him in Walter Tenfelde's book Auswanderungen und Auswanderer aus dem ehemaligen Kreise Lingen nach Nordamerika which listed his date and place of birth, parents' names and year of emigration as 1842. The entry also said he died in St. Louis.

more about sources used

RUY, Maria Anna
BORN: Aug 20, 1845, Altenlingen (parish in Lingen)
PARENTS: Johan Bernard RUY
Anna Elisabeth MOELLER
(2) Herman KROEGER
his entry
marriage: Feb 26, 1878, Aviston, Clinton County, IL
CHILDREN: Maggia A KROEGER born 1875, IL
NOTES: 1900 OH census, Hamilton County, Millcreek twp
KROEGER, Herman J, Mar 1846, Germany, marr 23 yrs, emgr 1862
Maggie A, Aug 1845, Germany, 1 of 6 ch living, emgr 1871
Maggie A, Apr 1875, IL

Maria Anna's parents' names were known from her marriage record in 1878. Her month and year of birth and year of emigration were known from her listing (as Maggie A) on the 1900 census. That information allowed an entry for her to be identified in Walter Tenfelde's book Auswanderungen und Auswanderer aus dem ehemaligen Kreise Lingen nach Nordamerika which supplied her place of birth.

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