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Portraits of
Emigrants from Emsland



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.. Emslanders to the American Mid-West
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Johann Heinrich Imming & Elisabeth Boelljans
probably early 1850s

Johan Heinrich Imming was born Sep 4, 1826, in Wietmarschen, Bentheim,
emigrated in 1852,
died Mar 2, 1901, in Brussels, Calhoun County, IL.

Elisabeth Boelljans was born May 26, 1822, in Klein Fullen, Kirchspiel Meppen,
emigration date unknown,
died Jan 19, 1898, in Brussels, Calhoun County, IL.

The photo is thought to have been taken around the time of their marriage
ca 1852-53, probably in St. Louis, MO.

Photo courtesy of Dolores Rizzo

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