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Kirchspiel Steinbild

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Steinbild - St. Georg Parish

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This map of Kirchspiel Steinbild notes the location of villages that made up Steinbild parish in the 19th century.
For a current detailed map of this area search on any of the villages mentioned with  MapQuest or click on location with http://www.vukv.weser-ems.de/stadtplan/stadtplan.htm.

The church image is a detail from page 159 of "Steinbild an der Ems," one of the many beautiful photographs in Werner Franke's book Emsland, Bilder einer Landschaft, 1997, Emslandischer Heimatbund.

The parish of Steinbild existed from at least 1304 and was probably founded before that date. Renovations took place in 1512, in 1715, and again in the 20th century. Baptism, marriage and death records for St Georg parish exist from 1647 with gaps 1717/18.

The village of Dersum, referred to as Dersinum in an 11th century document of Closter Corvey, belonged to the parish of Steinbild for many centuries. Because high water during the winter made it difficult to cross the Ems River, a chapel was built in Dersum in 1864-66 with its patron saint as St Antonius der Einsiedler. Neudersum was founded in 1788 as a moor colony and belonged to Steinbild parish until 1822 when it was transferred to Dersum.

Kirchspiel (parish) Steinbild in the 19th century contained the following villages or small towns:
Wippingen (west)

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St. Georg

Walchum was referred to as Walkiun on documentation between 965 and 983. Sustrum existed as Suhtram in the 11th century, according to a document of Closter Corvey, and it belonged to the parish of Steinbild until 1954. The church in Sustrum predates the separation of the village from Steinbild, with the church of St Nikolaus dating from 1923. Neusustrum was another one of the moor colonies founded in 1788 and belonged to the parish of Steinbild until 1871/74.

All information about this parish was taken from the Handbuch des Bistums Osnabrueck, compiled by Hermann Stieglitz and published by Bischoefliches Generalvikariat Osnabrueck.

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