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Kirchspiel Rtenbrock

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Ruetenbrock - St. Maximilian Parish

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This map of Kirchspiel Ruetenbrock notes the location of villages that made up Ruetenbrock parish in the 19th century.
For a current detailed map of this area search on any of the villages mentioned with  MapQuest or click on location with http://www.vukv.weser-ems.de/

The image of the church is from a brochure for Ruetenbrock.


Ruetenbrock, Lindloh and Schwartenberg were created as moor colonies in 1788 and belonged to the parish of Wesuwe. Church services were first held in Ruetenbrock in 1798 in the home of one of the settlers.

Kirchspiel (parish) Ruetenbrock in the 19th century contained the following villages or small towns:
Altenberge (from 1846)
Several villages in Holland*

*From 1800 to 1850 St Maximilian parish included the Dutch villages of Zandberg, Schalberg, Oomsberg and Schapsberg. The parish of St Joseph was founded in 1843 in Sandberg for these villages in Holland but their records for baptisms, marriages and burials remained in Ruetenbrock until 1850.
From 1800 to ca 1850-60 inhabitants of the Dutch villages of Roswinkel and De Maten went to church in Ruetenbrock. After the founding of a parish in Ter Apel, Holland, these two Ductch villages near the German border were included that parish.

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St. Maximilian

A church was built in 1807 and dedicated 2 years later on the feast of St Maximilian at which time Ruetenbrock became a parish. With its half-timber construction, the new building resembled a large house more than a church but it served the congregation until 1869 when a new church was dedicated which is still in use today. Baptism, marriage and death records exist for St Maximilain from 1798/99.

Altenberge, another moor colony, belonged to the parish of Wesuwe from 1810 until 1846 when it was transferred to the parish of Ruetenbrock. Altenberge has had its own church since 1914 with the original half-timber structure being replaced by a new church in 1964. Lindloh has had its own church since 1946.

All information about this parish was taken from the Handbuch des Bistums Osnabrueck, compiled by Hermann Stieglitz and published by Bischoefliches Generalvikariat Osnabrueck.

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