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Kirchspiel Papenburg

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Papenburg - St. Antonius Parish

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This map of Kirchspiel Papenburg simply shows the town's   location with relationship to the neigboring parish of Aschendorf and to the northern border of Emsland with Ostfriesland. The size of the town on this map reflects its present size, not how large it was in the 19th century.
For a current detailed map of this area search on the town name using   MapQuest or click on location with http://www.vukv.weser-ems.de/stadtplan/stadtplan.htm.

The image of St Antonius church (at right) was taken from the website  http://www.juergen-koerner.de/papenbg.htm which also has photos of other places in  Papenburg.

Kirchspiel (parish) Papenburg did not include any neighboring villages in the 19th century.

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St. Antonius

Located on Emsland's border with Ostfriesland, Papenburg was the most distant fortress of Niederstift Muenster. It was referred to twice in mid-15th century documentation at which time it was located in Kirchspiel Voellen in Ostfriesland. Catholic services were held in Papenburg from 1668 until 1671 by the Meppen-based Jesuits and from 1680 on through Aschendorf-based Franciscans. The first Catholic church was built in Papenburg 1674-78 and named St Antonius von Padua after the patron saint of the Aschendorf-based Franciscans. This became a parish in 1680. The church, which was enlarged in 1777/78, was used until a new church was built 1873-77. St. Antonius Parish records for baptisms, marriages and deaths exist from 1677-78.

Today there are additional churches serving the city of Papenburg. St Michael dates from 1869 as a parish but existed earlier as a chapel serving the Obenende section of the city. Marriage records begin there in 1869 but the parish has baptism and death records from 1807. More recently established parishes are St Marien on the Splitting Canal which dates from 1954 and St Josef in Vosseberg from 1978.

This information for the parishes in Papenburg was taken from the Handbuch des Bistums Osnabrueck, compiled by Hermann Stieglitz and published by Bischoefliches Generalvikariat Osnabrueck.

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Papenburg Parish Emigrants

At present only one emigrant from Papenburg has been
identified as someone who settled in the Mid-West.

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The last update made to the list was Jul 2003.




Parents' Names

of Birth


USA location(s)

Schwennen Anna


Schwennen, Gerhard
Rose, Thecla



Adams Co, IL

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