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Kirchspiel Bokeloh

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Bokeloh - St Vitus Parish

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The map notes the location of villages that made up Bokeloh parish in the 19th century.
For a current detailed map of this area search on any of the villages mentioned with  MapQuest.

The image of St Vitus church is from page 293 (with a larger much nicer picture) in the book Der Landkreis Emsland, Geographie, Geschichte, gegenwart - Eine Kreisbeschreibung, Meppen 2002.


Kirchspiel (parish) Bokeloh in the 19th century included the following villages or small towns:

Bramhar (part)
Gross Doergen
Klein Doergen
Lahre (part)

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St Vitus Church


A parish church in Bocla was consecrated between 919 and 996. The old parish church of St Vitus dates from 1462 with alterations made in 1512 and 1811. A new parish church, St Ludger, was built in 1977-79 which seats 430 people. The old church could seat 270. Parish baptism, marriage and death records for St Vitus parish in Bokeloh exist from 1825.

Belonging to Bokeloh parish in the 10th century were Gross and Klein Berssen, Apeldorn, Gross and Klein Doergen, Lehrte, Bueckelte, Helte, Teglingen, Stavern, Lahre and Huden. In the 12/13th century Klein and Gross Berssen were formed into a separate parish. Before 1350 Hueven was probably attached to Soegel but later to Werlte. Before 1412 Teglingen was attached to Meppen. Stavern was given to Soegel by at least the 15th century. In 1902 Bramhar, Klosterholte and Haverbeck were transferred to Bawinkel. In 1947 Apeldorn became a Kuratie and in 1969 the same for Lehrte, which was referred to in 919 as Helerithi.  

Most information taken from Handbuch des Bistums Osnabrueck, compiled by Hermann Stieglitz and published by Bischoefliches Generalikariat Osnabrueck.

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