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Kirchspiel Baccum

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Baccum - St Antonius Abt Parish

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The map notes the location of villages that made up Baccum parish in the 19th century.
For a current detailed map of this area search on any of the villages mentioned with  MapQuest.

Kirchspiel (parish) Baccum in the 19th century included the following villages or small towns:
Baccum was mentioned in an 11th century text as Baccamun and in a 12th century document as Bachein and belonged to Lingen parish at that time. After 1414 it became and independent parish with its church was mentioned in a mid 15th century document. In a document dating from the mid 16th century Baccum was mentioned as the smallest and poorest parish in Lingener Land. During the Verbannungszeit, the period of exile for Catholics in Grafschaft Lingen from 1674 to 1718 when it was under the rule of Holland's House of Orange, the Catholics of Baccum along with those of Thuine attended Sunday services in a church-house in Hohendarme, a village located in   Schepsdorf parish, outside of Grafschaft Lingen. From 1718, when Catholics were again allowed to have church services in their own land, until 1824 an old building in Baccum was used as a church. Then they were allowed to use the old parish church together with the Reformed Protestants to whom the church had been given sometime earlier. That church was returned to the Catholics in 1858 but demolished in 1865. The present-day church of St. Antonius Einsiedler was bult 1865-67. Baptism records exist from 1695 with gaps in 1749, 1767-77 and 1795. Marriage records begin in 1685 with gaps 1726-34, 1766-78 and 1786. Death records date from 1693 but have gaps 1727-37 and 1767-77.

Most information taken from Handbuch des Bistums Osnabrueck, compiled by Hermann Stieglitz and published by Bischoefliches Generalikariat Osnabrueck.

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